Safety and the Environment

Enjoying yourself in safety

Wild life

There's no better way to give your body and soul a break from the stresses of modern living than getting out and getting active in the countryside, soaking up the sunshine and the fresh air.

No matter what activity you are undertaking, choose an itinerary suitable to your physical fitness, especially the younger or older members of your group.

Always ensure you have suitable clothing and footwear adapted to your chosen activity. And remember to carry essential items like water, sun protection, sunglasses and a hat. Just like crossing the road, common sense and judgement are always necessary.

La Durenque river

We can advise you on suitable clothing, footwear and equipment. Contact us through the booking page.

The natural beauty of the area is very important to everyone. Please ensure you respect this and take all rubbish away with you. Some of the trails often cross private terrain. Please stay on the paths and respect any agricultural areas.