Direct Flights into Carcassonne / Toulouse / Rodez airports

Ryanair have flights all year round into Carcassonne, from Ireland (Dublin, Cork); from UK (London stansted, Esst Midlands, and Glasgow prestwick); from Brussels (Charleroi);

Ryanair have opened a NEW route from Dublin into Rodez

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Aerlingus fly from Dublin to Toulouse, from March to October.

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Driving directions

Carcassonne (Salvaza Airport) to Cambounes- 80kms - 1hour 15minutes

On exiting airport parking you must turn right (no left turn allowed) and proceed to roundabout where you can double back past the airport. Follow directions for MAZAMET. This route takes you on to the D118 (departmental road) through the Black Mountains direct to Mazamet.

Drive through Mazamet, following the direction CASTRES. You will come to a junction. Here take the D612 for VALDURENQUE. After about 10 minutes, before you reach Valdurenque, you will take a right turn, following the direction Noailhac / Boissezon. You will pass through these two villages and Cambounes is 6kms after Boissezon.

Just before Cambounes, you will see a bridge. Before this bridge you will see the sign for LINGONIE. You will notice farm buildings on the right. Follow this lane down to the bottom and the houses are facing you. IF you have gone over the bridge you have gone too far.

Toulouse (Blagnac Airport) to Cambounes: 110kms - 1hour 25 minutes

On exiting the airport (direction Toulouse) you will follow the Signs for ALBI, continue to follow these signs which will take you on and off some of the motorway network and Peripherique routes around Toulouse. Keep following the direction ALBI - you need to end up on the A68 motorway - You will see the green signs for CASTRES. (Green are for the national routes). Follow these signs, and take the CASTRES / MAZAMET exit off the A68. You will end up on the N126 to CASTRES. After about an hour as you get close to Castres, you will pass through a retail & Industrial area. Once you see the signs for MAZAMET - N112 follow this route.

After about 5 minutes on the N112, you will see a sign C30 CASTRES - Le Siala. Take this exit and follow the road direction Castres, Le Siala. You will pass through a few roundabouts. When you reach a large roundabout (you will see signs for Geant supermarket and a Veterinary clinic) you will take the exit MAZAMET / BEZIER. This will take you through the towns of Lagarrique and Valdurenque. Just after Valdurenque you will take a left turn, direction Noailhac / Boissozon. You will pass through these two villages, and Cambounes is 6kms after Boissezon. Once you pass a fish farm on your right in Lavope - 1.5kms further LINGONIE is the next right turn. You will see some farm buildings, follow the lane down past these buildings and the house is immediately facing you. (IF you have gone over the bridge & arrived at Cambounes, you have gone too far.)