Among friends or family, canoeing / kayaking is a fun and practical way to explore the region. Take a ramble out in a canoe and discover a different universe of beauty and tranquility, and sensations which might awaken the adventurer in you.


With both the Agout and the Tarn rivers close by, there are loads of great trips of varying durations. We can arrange an outing for your group for a half day or full day. Packages include canoe hire and lunch pack.


Our nearest location is in the beautiful village of Burlats. This medieval village is located on the edge of the Sidobre, between Mount Paradis and the Agout river. Canoe/Kayak offers the most natural way to discover this valley.

Equipment Rental Kayak (1 seater) Canoe (2 seater)

Individual - Half day 13 (Kayak) 25 (Canoe)

Individual - Full day 25 (Kayak) 40 (Canoe)

Groups (10+) Half day 10 (Kayak) 20 (Canoe)

Groups (10+) Full day 19 (Kayak) 35 (Canoe)


Accompanied by a qualified Instructor

We recommend that you and your group go out with a qualified instructor. The total cost shared by the group is 80 for a half day and 150 for a full day. (15 people maximum.)

Insurance can be arranged for the day at a cost of 3 per person

Example of cost for a full day outing for group 6 people in 2 seater Canoes, with instructor and insurance:

Canoe hire (3 x 40) 120, Accompanied instructor 150, Insurance card (6 x 3) 18, picnic lunch-pack (6 x 8) 48

Total cost for a full day, group of 6 = 336 - 56 per person.

This activity can be incorporated into your activity holiday. Contact us for more details